Our Team

Co-Founder / CEO

Kambiz is an Electronic engineer who, with his wife, founded the MarketingHills business in 2009 in their garage.  Together, over the years, they have worked together to expand the business and are currently collaborating to develop MarketingHills to a higher level of achievement with their staff team.  Kambiz, and his wife, love to work and they love their team.

Kambiz likes Photography, Fishing, Watching TV, Cooking and playing with his pet puppy!

Co-Founder/ UX Design

Shana holds a Bachelor Degree in Art.  She is our creative force and always keeps a fresh and open mind, especially when exploring the potential of clients’ objectives.  With 14 years’ experience behind her, she is an invaluable member of the MarketingHills team. She loves her work and equally loves to make MarketingHills clients happy.  Her hobbies are Art, in particular Painting, Reading, Cooking, Watching TV, spending quality time with her family and her lovely cute little dog.

Lalit Kaushik
Website Manager

Lalit is a soft spoken, honest, work alcoholic & talented person. He is member of Marketing Hills team since May, 2017. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has 9 years experience in IT industry. He is always up for new challenges. He love to listen music. He work well in a team but also on his own as he like to set himself goals which he will achieve.

Graphic Designer

Tania is our ray of light in the team and is creative and responsible in equal measure.  She is communicative, motivated and a joy to be around.

In her capacities as a team member and as an individual worker, she skillfully binds the team together with her talents for timely and sensitive communication, motivating everyone from client to designer, and from top to bottom of the organization.  She is open minded and fair, works without judgment and without discrimination, gives thoughtful responses to authority and managing criticism wisely. Her organizational skills, her adaptability and enthusiasm for new ideas are appreciated by everyone.

Graphic Designer

Ksenia is a designer with over 5 years’ experience.  Her favorite thing is to walk along the ocean which is where she gets her inspiration and fresh ideas.   Her work with MarketingHills enriches her and hones her skills, and keeps her up to the minute.   Ksenia loves to cook and read books. Her sweet little Maine Coon kitten is always by her side, even when she is working.

Website Assistant / Admin Support

Sonila holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and has 4 years’ experience working as a Web Developer and IT Specialist. Sonila is MarketingHills’ rock. Talented in all aspects of computer and internet adaptation for client need, she is also an exceptional administrator. Her eye for detail never falters and her accuracy and professional polish make her contributions in the team critical to our success. She is outgoing and sociable, loves walking to relax and enjoys reading and listening to music at home.